2019 NBA Draft Top 11 (Projections)

2019 NBA Draft Top 11 (Projections)

Hey Dudes, in today’s article we will be projecting the top 10 prospects of the 2019 NBA Draft. We will not place teams in these spots but feel that these players will likely go in this order.


1 R.J Barrett (Duke) SG, 6’6″, 210 lbs

As of this point in time, RJ Barrett is the consensus #1 pick by most of the basketball world. He was the top recruit in his high school class and for good reason. And he will likely be the top pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Barrett is a playmaker through and through. He easily slips coverages to get open looks while opening up teammates, can put a ball on a dime from anywhere on the court and shows flashes of explosiveness when needed. In addition, his size is also ideal with a 6’10 wingspan, perfect for versatile NBA coaches who would want to use him in different situations. However, he is not consistent with the 3, mainly due to his low release. Additionally, he can at times be frazzled at the free throw line. These holes could prove to be more significant at the next level due to current NBA playing styles.


2 Zion Williamson (Duke) PF, 6’7″, 280 lbs

This kid made news with his dunk highlights all the way through high school. At the age of 16, he was already 6’6 and 230 lbs. Correspondingly, he is a dominating force at the rim, he can finish with power and finesse. He looks to be a choice for a team with more speed on the court already. Zion is one of those hit big, miss big prospects. His issues with weight are quite significant and could lead to fewer minutes in the faster paced NBA. However, if he goes to the right team and set of coaches, they can turn this guy into a monster.


3 Nassir Little (North Carolina) SF, 6’6″, 220 lbs

A menace on the defensive end, Little is a hyper-active defender who moves his feet well, gets down in his stance and has quick hands. He’s got crazy length with a 7’2 wingspan, allowing him to play big, rebound in traffic and disrupt on the defensive end. Although 3 point shooting isn’t a strength of his game at this point, he does have very nice mechanics and a chance to become a really good 3 point shooter. He plays a complete game and has all the effort and intensity you can ask for.


4 Jontay Porter (Missouri) C, 6’11”, 240 lbs

Porter is highly skilled with the ball in his hands. He can step out and hit the three and makes plays off the dribble. He’s got good range on his shot and is a capable three-point shooter who will only get better as he develops his game. His fit is likely what get’s him drafted this high in the 2019 NBA Draft. He’s got a strong build and a chance to be a force in the paint once he adds muscle to his frame. A stout defender, Porter holds his own in the lane using his strength and size to gain position.


5 Quentin Grimes (Kansas) PG, 6’5″, 200lbs

Quentin Grimes

Grimes is a big, broad-shouldered combo guard who has good handles, nice quickness and is a load for opposing point guards to handle. Reminds me of Eric Gordon. His ability to finish in the lane is impressive. Has solid form on his jumper and should develop into a top-end three-point shooter from NBA range. Can hit the step-back jumper and does a nice job of getting separation. Grimes is dangerous in transition thanks to his size, speed, and ball-handling ability. Shows true point guard skills and does a good job of rewarding his front-court players with easy buckets. A great pick to round out the top 5 in the 2019 NBA Draft.


6 Cameron Reddish (Duke) SF, 6’7″, 215 lbs

The 3rd Duke player on our list, Reddish is a great player. A player that should go in the lottery picks of the 2019 NBA Draft. However, it’s not really known if it is due to playing with RJ and Zion or if he is also a stud. He’s a well built and strong athlete who has good coordination and excellent burst. Has a nice feel for getting to the rim and uses crossovers and hesitation dribbles well. Reddish is a versatile defender who can hold his own at multiple positions, including being able to stay with most point guards thanks to his length and quick feet.


7 Romeo Langford (Indiana) SG, 6’0″, 205 lbs

Langford is a long and rangy SG prospect who is a smooth athlete and talented scorer from three levels. Has great size for the SG position at 6-6 with long arms and a frame that will fill out as he matures. He glides up and down the court and makes the game look effortless. A natural scorer, Langford can hit shots from anywhere on the court and shows good form on his jumper. Has deep range on his three point shot and projects as a high level NBA 3 point threat. Langford shows a good commitment to playing defense and is a fundamentally sound defender who plays with great positioning and discipline.


8 Sekou Doumbaya (France) PF, 6’9″, 215 lbs

A big, strong combo forward who has a lot of upside, especially on the defensive end and in the transition game. Has very good quickness for his size and is a powerful and graceful athlete who is fun to watch in the open court. If he can reach his defensive potential he’ll have a long NBA career, even if his offensive game doesn’t develop. Doumbouya gets a lot of his buckets in transition, where his size and speed make him a match-up nightmare. He is an above average three point shooter at this stage in his career. He shoots it with good fundamentals and gets good arc on his shot. Doumbaya is developing post moves and has the size and strength to develop into a good post scorer. Still learning the game and improving his decision making.


9 Kris Wilkes (UCLA) SF, 6’8″, 215 lbs

A fundamentally sound all-around player who shows good awareness and recognition; spaces the floor well and is a lethal scorer. Additionally, Wilkes keeps the defense honest with his outside shooting ability and uses the up-fake well to get the defender off his feet. Has an overall high skill level and is an excellent ball handler and passer. One of the most physically ready picks in the 2019 NBA Draft. Wilkes is quick up and down the court and excels in an uptempo style of play. Has an old school, fundamentally sound game, and has good work ethic. However, he lacks upper body strength and overall strength.


10 Bol Bol (Oregon) C, 7’2″, 225 lbs

The son of Manute Bol, Bol Bol is an insanely long and uniquely athletic player with very intriguing upside. Bol Bol has elite height and length making him a force to be reckoned with in the paint. He should top out at well over 7’4 feet tall and maybe even reach the 7-7 height of his father Manute Bol. Consequently, he’s a game-changer on the defensive end, swatting shots and altering every drive into the lane. He has surprising coordination and speed for a lanky youngster, and a developing offensive skill set. Furthermore, Bol can step out and shoot threes and has a nice release on his shot, which is nearly impossible to block due to his height. However, Bol is rail thin and needs to add a lot of muscle to hold his own at the top levels.


11 Rui Hachimura (Gonzaga) PF, 6’8″, 235 lbs

Rui has an NBA build with great strength, long arms and awesome coordination. Scores well in the lane and has a relentless motor on the offensive glass. Moreover, he has all the tools to be a standout defender with switch-ability. Unfortunately, he lacks consistency; he will light it up one game and disappear the next.


And there you have it! Our projections for the top 11 picks in the 2019 NBA draft. Do you think we got it wrong? Let us know below.


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