5 Predictions for E3 2018

Hey Dudes! In this article we will be making 5 predictions for the upcoming E3 2018 (Electronics Entertainment Expo). Every year gamers look forward to the newest trailers, gameplay and other announcements at E3. This year, anticipation is ultra high compared to most other years. This is mostly due to the rumours that have been coming out of Sony, Bethesda and other big developers.

5 Predictions for E3 2018

1 ) Death Stranding Gameplay

This one has been rumoured since it was shown to the public at E3 2016. And everybody thought that last year we would see some gameplay. This has to happen this year to keep people excited for Kojima’s new apparent masterpiece. Personally, I am not into the Kojima style, but people are excited.


2 ) Bethesda Announces Three Games

With the recent trailer for Fallout 76 being dropped, everyone is hyped about Bethesda Softworks new titles. Of the major franchises that Bethesda has under their belt, I imagine at least 3 of them will get trailers. Many believe that the next Elder Scrolls Game will be announced, and its quite possible that they feel the need to show all of their cards. But, I don’t think that Todd Howards studio will want to over shadow the predicted showing of Starfield at E3 2018. Finally, I think that we will get our first look at a new Doom game.


3 ) A sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is in the works

While Sony will have a somewhat quiet E3 2018, this will be huge news for fans of the PlayStation exclusive. Horizon Zero Dawn might get an announcement and small 10-15 second clip at Sony’s presser this year. This prediction has no merit to it because of how long it will take to make a second game. But it would be nice to get a tease.


4 ) Microsoft announces major exclusives

A new Gears of War, a new Halo, and a brand new exclusive franchise are what I believe are in the cards for Microsoft this year. The Xbox One needs rejuvenating, because they are getting outsold 2 to 1 by Sony’s console. Considering that Gears of War and Halo are the Xbox’s biggest franchises, they need something to once again excite people. Additionally, the announcement of a completely new single player narrative is something else that Xbox needs. If they don’t do something big, they will be facing another second place finish to the PlayStation.

5 ) The Last of Us: Part 2 Release Date Announced

If this happens at E3 2018 then the world of gaming will be slated to be one of the best years that we’ve ever seen. A return for Ellie an Joel will be monumental for Sony. I believe they will not announce a bunch of games, but instead announce 2 major titles. The Last of Us: Part 2, and Horizon Zero Dawn 2. I am shivering with excitement over the idea. We are entering into an era of where games have jumped ahead of movies in terms of cultural significance. The first game featuring Joel and Ellie, has had such a major impact on the gaming industry. Game developers are now looking to replicate its success by focusing on story-telling rather than online gaming.


E3 2018 runs from June 12-14, 2018 in Los Angeles, California

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