Hey Dudes! Today we will give you our 9 things that you NEED to build the ultimate mancave!


1. A Centrepiece

This can be anything really. Whether it’s a TV or projector, a pool table, a record player with awesome speakers; it could really be anything that you want, but, we suggest you take a single piece and make that your theme. If your cave is going to be a sports bar then you need sports memorabilia and multiple TVs (2-3), if your cave is going to be centred around a record player then you need cool album artwork to cover your walls, and so on.

2. A bar

Every cave needs a bar, ‘nough said.

3. Lighting

Lighting makes or breaks a room. If you have bright white halogens throughout your dive bar themed cave, then you’re never going to be satisfied with it. Take  look at these smart lights

4. An AV Receiver with Speakers or a Soundbar

What many guys forget when they buy a tv or projector for a cave is that audio is at least half of the experience. In-ceiling, towers, small bookshelves, or even a soundbar can all do the trick. Its important to note what the size of your room is before you make an audio purchase.

5. A Good Room

What makes a good mancave room? Its not necessarily size but that always helps. No, a good room for a mancave is warm, has enough space for what you want to put in it and can make for a relaxing getaway from work. An 8×8 room is enough to satisfy the needs of almost anyone if you’re willing to get a little creative in your design. Check out this guy.

6. Sound Proofing

This may not seem like its that important to you because you’ll be in your cave blasting your tunes and the big games. But for your significant other or neighbours it will be extremely important.

7. Awesome Seating

Hey, you don’t need a power reclining sofa to be comfy, but an old couch that is warm and fits with your cave can be a big difference maker.

8. Gaming/Media centre

Whether its an Xbox One S, PS4 Pro, android box, you need to play all of your content. This is something you should definitely not cheap out on. A console gives you access to streaming movies, a (4K) Blu-ray player, and of course a gaming system. An android box gives you the ability to watch all the not-totally-legal content you want.

9. Know-How

Well, you could always pay people to do all of this for you while you sit back and relax, if you can afford it. We think that with Google, DudeDaily and many other resources at your fingertips, you should do most of the legwork. This could save you thousands of dollars in labour that you can instead use to create a better bar or a nicer pool table. Now we are not suggesting that you should do all the electrical or plumbing, unless you are an electrician or a plumber; but wiring your speakers and setting up your cave the way you want, is, in some cases the best part of having one.



Disclaimer: We (DudeDaily.ca) are in no way affiliated with any companies or their subsidiaries that have been mentioned in this post.

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