A Quiet Place Review

Stay silent…

It was really refreshing to see a movie like A Quiet Place in between all of the big blockbusters. I’m a sucker for low budget horror/suspense, and when I heard John Krasinski was writing, directing, and starring, I couldn’t imagine what a debut like that would be like. Not only is this movie the best I’ve seen so far this year, it is also destined to become a modern classic.

I want to keep plot details vague, so all I will say is that we follow a family that has to survive in a world where they must be silent at all times to survive. It really is best if you know little going in.

The acting across the board is excellent. Krasinski and the young actress who play his daughter in particular are great and have the emotional hook to the movie. Emily Blunt is also really good with her best scene being the suspense highlight of the film.

The script is the biggest accomplishment here. Krasinski made a movie where there is only about 5 minutes of spoken dialogue with the rest being either sign language, or visual storytelling. It feels like a veteran of cinema like Hitchcock wrote this, and if he was still making movies today, this feels like something he would make.

The sound design and score are also used very well. Again, very minimal, but effective. I really liked that the film didn’t overstay it’s welcome either. At a crisp 1 hour and 30 minutes, it tells its story with no filler at all.

I really hope this movie does well at the box office, so that John Krasinski can continue to make movies that are different from the pack, while still taking inspiration from the classics. We need visionaries in Hollywood more than ever.

Rating: 10/10

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