Avengers: Endgame Review (Spoiler Free)


The hardest part about reviewing this movie is not talking spoilers. Don’t worry, there won’t be any here, but the entire movie is basically just spoilers. I mean, when you’re wrapping up 11 years of the first and most successful cinematic universe, how can it not be?

The only plot details I can give is that the movie picks up right after Infinity War, and that the remaining Avengers have a plan to fix what Thanos has done to the universe. Anything more would be too much. How is the actual movie in terms of quality though? Well, if this series has brought you as much joy as it has to me as a lifelong comic book fan, then its damn near perfect.

The movie wraps up almost every loose end from 21 movies prior, and delivers fan service that you want, and that you didn’t even know you wanted. The Russo Brothers have made their crowing achievement with Marvel here, and it shows that they have really shaped this universe since The Winter Soldier. Everything from the cinematography to the visual design, and especially Alan Silvestri’s score are the best they have ever been. Marvel Studios really pulled out all the stops with this movie.

Acting on all fronts is great, but this movie really belongs to Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. They are these characters on screen just like Christopher Reeve as Superman or Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Both of their characters are given the best sendoffs that may not go exactly as you think, but it couldn’t have been done better. The other standouts of the cast are Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and Karen Gillan. For some of them, their characters are given big overhauls that will shock anyone not familiar with the comics, but it is all because of how the series needs to wrap up. Thanos is also given a great twist in this movie, and I can just say that you can’t trust the marketing or trailers when it comes to that.

Overall, this movie is the ending you’ve been waiting for. Obviously, there will always be more Marvel movies. Disney won’t stop the money train, but as the end of an era, this is perfect. I would compare this to Star Trek 6, and Logan in more ways than one in how it wraps up everything. Excelsior!

Rating: 10/10

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