DudeDaily One Week Til Christmas Gift Ideas

Like most Dudes, I am horrible at buying gifts early and usually wait until the last week before christmas to buy. If you have found yourself in need of gift ideas, we have you covered.

8. Google Home Or Amazon Echo

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The tried and true gift from 2017. These things sold like crazy last year with many stores running out. At their sale price, they are the perfect stocking stuffer for almost anyone. The music lover will get a nice quality Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speaker, the cook gets a recipe book or timer, and the person that is forgetful gets their very own personal assistant.

7. Victrola 370B Turntable

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Vinyl may not be the modern format of choice but it still sounds amazing. This turntable is a 7 in 1 unit with built in Bluetooth, CD player, Tape player, FM radio and plays 33s, 45s,and 78s. This is a nice gift for your old man. Keep in mind that this is a nice cheap option and is at a widely available price point, but I would recommend a higher quality unit if its within your budget.

6. Fallout (The Board Game)

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Like Fallout 76 but good. This board game is based off of the Video Game series of the same name. In this post-nuclear adventure you play as a survivor reading a hidden map while you fight enemies, gain skills, and complete quests. One of the coolest gift ideas we have.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

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The sequel to RDR had a lot of hype and huge expectations. They were met and surpassed easily. Likely one of the most beautiful and well designed games of this generation of consoles.

4. Anki: Vector

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Powered by AI and advanced robotics technology, Vector can respond to visual, audio, and touch-based stimulus. Vector can answer questions, snap photos, time your dinner, and lots more. This is the beginning of the end people, our robot overlords are here.

3. Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

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A blast from the past.┬áRevisit the original Spyro adventures in stunning HD with Spryo: Reignited Trilogy. This fully remastered triology includes Spryo the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Spyro has the same smoldering attitude as he adventures through expansive realms and re-encounters fiery personalities to save the day.

2. Fitbit Versa

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Wearable tech is dominating the markets right now. If you have not bought one for anybody in the past couple years, the technology has improved tenfold. The days of the analog watch (and the digital watch for that matter) are numbered.

1. Sony WH-CH700N

Image result for Sony WH-CH700N

While this might not be the best set of headphones out there, at Best Buy right now they are selling for a ridiculously good price. Get them before they are gone!

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