Amazon Fire TV Review (Manufactured by Toshiba)

Hey Dudes, this is our review of the 2018 4K Toshiba Amazon Fire TV. This may be one of the hottest TVs this holiday season. Mainly due to the price and the fact that it is backed by Amazon. This is not an extremely in-depth review/overview of the Fire TV but acts as a simple breakdown of the product.

Amazon Fire TV Review

Build Quality

Side view of Fire TV

Side view of Fire TV

Build quality of this TV is solid but not outstanding. The chassis and legs are made out of a sturdy plastic that does not look as though it will break. I, like many others that review TV’s really disliked the style of legs being near the outside rather than a center stand. While it helps stability it really limits which stands you can put it on, plus it makes it tougher for hiding unsightly cables. The flex on the TV panel is quite significant and is obviously cheaply manufactured. Lets’ say looks are not this TV’s strong suit. The plastic that they do use although sturdy is not generating any double looks. However, this TV is made to be a cheap alternative to large brands.



Front View of Fire TV

Front View of Fire TV

The contrast looks good, dark scenes are bold but sometimes will bleed into details. The display does not do great for bright scenes and struggles with HDR highlights as to be expected. Colour will degrade quite a lot when looking from an angle. Simply an average display.



Rear View of Fire TV

Rear View of Fire TV

Motion looks good for a 60Hz television. Can get blurry when playing games or watching hockey. Once again an average experience.


Smart TV

Fire TV remote

Fire TV remote

The smart T.V. aspect is where it shines and is the differentiating factor in this TV compared to others. You can easily control your TV with the included Voice Remote with Alexa; plus do things like launch apps, search for TV shows, play music, switch inputs, control smart home devices, and more, using your voice. This makes it a more affordable option for those that can not afford Samsung’s higher-end television’s with Bixby. Those that are familiar with the amazon fire tv stick will feel comfortable navigating the interface.


Final thoughts

The Amazon Fire TV is great at what its intention is, an affordable smart tv/smart control. However, somewhat lacks in the department of picture quality. If you are looking at either a TV that integrates with your Alexa smart ecosystem or just an affordable smart TV, then this television is a great addition to your tech lives.


Fire TV Value Rating: 8/10

Fire TV Overall Rating: 6.5/10


43 inch @ $549.99 CAD MSRP

50 inch @ $599.99 CAD MSRP

55 inch @ $699.99 CAD MSRP

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