Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 1 Review (Spoilers)

Dragons and betrayal

It has been a long, and painful journey for everyone unfortunate enough to live in the Seven Kingdoms. You can’t sit down for some wine without worrying about getting killed in the most gruesome way possible. For those that have survived, we are now in the final season, and the feeling of dread is at its peak.

The Night King and the army of the dead broke through the wall, Jon Snow is really a Targaryen, and Cersei is still plotting to destroy her enemies, even with the threat of the white walkers. This season premiere was more of a slow burn, but it tied up some loose ends, and gave some satisfying character moments. I was definitely happy with this episode.

The first moment that I loved was Sam finding out about Daenerys executing his family. The acting was so good, and it wasn’t lingered on for too long. The other best moment was the ending, but I’ll come back to that.

I’m glad that Jon found out his true heritage, and that it wasn’t dragged out. I’m not sure I could stomach more of him making out with his aunt anyway (at least he didn’t know). This episode also gave us what will probably be a new meme with Cersei being upset at the lack of elephants in the Golden Company’s forces.

Another satisfying moment was Jon riding a dragon. It was really neat to see a character besides Daenerys ride one of her children. The work by the VFX team here is so convincing, and it helps you buy the scene. It just shows you how Game of Thrones is more than the typical TV series, with the scale of a $200 million movie.

The episode dragged a little with Sansa’s doubts of Daenerys and her questions to Jon. Her attitude was definitely warranted, but it just wasn’t paced the best. Seeing the remaining Starks reunited fully was a real treat though. It was also nice to have the Greyjoy plot tied up, and just having Yara sock Theon in the face was all we needed to know that she is pissed at him, but there are bigger problems.

Now, that ending. Jaime coming face to face with Bran. It not only brings the series full circle (the very first episode of the series ended with Jaime attempting to kill Bran), but it also reminds us that Jaime is still going to have to reckon with his evil deeds. The last couple seasons have done a good job helping to sympathize with him, but it’s good that he is not a full “good guy”.

Overall, this is a really well done premiere, as we expect from this show. It tied up some loose ends, and teased that the s$%! is about to hit the fan when the Night King arrives.

Rating: 8/10

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