Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 4 Review (Spoilers)


This week brought us the aftermath of the Long Night. If you read my review from that episode, you know I thought it was a disappointing payoff to the Night King storyline. Moving forward, I am happy to say that this episode was a much better section of the story, but some things still felt rushed.

The best scenes were the ones involving Tyron and Vaerys. As Daenerys’ advisors, they are at a standstill with how to deal with the knowledge that Jon has the better claim to the Iron Throne. Tyrion has gone through such an arc of someone who could care less about anything, to someone brought behind a cause in Daenerys. This is why it makes sense that he would be hesitant to relinquish the throne to Jon. It will be interesting to see what happens to Vaerys, since it is implied that he will be enacting some kind of plan to undermine Dany.

Sansa also continues to be one of the best characters in this last season. She is usually one of the only ones to speak sense, and I really enjoyed her brief conversation with The Hound. Speaking of which, him and Arya riding off to their “unfinished business” in King’s Landing is putting another piece on the chess board for what will happen with Cersei.

Jaime hooking up with Brienne was something we all knew was coming, and it was really sad to see that Jaime feels so full of hate that he felt the need to abandon her to deal with Cersei. I personally think the climax is going to come down to Jaime and Cersei, which has always been a central conflict in the show.

Of course the big moment of the night was the execution of Misandei by Cersei and The Mountain. I understand this from a story point of view, to make Cersei even more of a monster, but I felt it was rushed. With seemingly no explanation, Cersei disregards Tyrion’s speech to her, and kills Misandei right in front of everyone, including Grey Worm. This was done purely just so she can be killed off, but I personally would have preferred a less cliched approach. Does Cersei really think she is that unbeatable? It just feels like this could have been fleshed out better if we had more than six episodes.

My issues aside, this was a solid episode, and I can’t wait to see how the last two play out.

Rating: 8/10

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