Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 5 Review (Spoilers)

Bring out your dead

We at DudeDaily realize that this review is going up about a week late. I personally apologize and have two reasons for this. 1. I have had a very busy personal life lately, and 2. What the hell do I even say after this episode?

Character assassination is not a term I use lightly, but it is definitely what I would use to describe most of the major story arcs from Game of Thrones that were thrown out in this episode. I will get to the big ones later, but first of all I will discuss positives.

The action and cinematography this episode were almost some of the best this show has seen. The chaos and madness was really captured well, with a great deal of practical effects, and green screen work that I didn’t realize was there until viewing a BTS video. The other great thing from the episode was the battle between The Hound and the Mountain. It seems like this was the only story arc that was done justice. The Hound telling Arya to leave in fear that she will become like him, is very telling of his character, and he knew he wasn’t coming back from this fight. Revenge was all that mattered. I loved how indestructible The Mountain seemed, and the face reveal was great, with the makeup effects being top notch. Also, the goodbye between Tyrion and Jaime was really well done.

Now we get to all the negatives. I can say that without a doubt, this is the worst episode in the entire series. Still better than many other shows, but for Game of Thrones, it was a huge letdown. The resolution of Jaime and Cersei’s story was so out of character for both of them. First of all, Jaime was built up to be a changed man, free of Cersei’s grip. He would never just return to her so that he could die anticlimactically in the catacombs. Cersei was also out of character. She just spent the entire episode crying, when she would have probably just abandoned the city long ago to save her baby. It makes no sense.

Daenerys was really the character done the most disservice. Her becoming the Mad Queen is not a negative. It was the execution. Her history of freeing the oppressed, and being a fair ruler, made her sympathetic. Yes, she did horrible things too, but never on the turn of a dime, and never just to slaughter innocents. Having her just hear the bells and then going on a murderous rampage made no sense at all! All of her development was thrown out the window for shock value. This also makes Tyrion out to be an idiot for even trusting her in the first place. Varys was right all along and he died trying to protect what is right. The only characters that can be salvaged at this point are Jon Snow and Arya. Speaking of which, the Arya death stakeouts got old really fast.

I have little hope that the series finale will save this mess, but I want to be proven wrong. My current favourite show has turned into a disaster.

Rating: 4/10

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