Will Johnny Manziel Do Well in the CFL?

Hey Dudes! In this article we will be talking about the recent signing of Johnny Manziel and how well he will do in the CFL.

Signing with the Ti-Cats

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The Johnny Manziel saga took to new heights about 3 weeks ago when he signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. There had been speculation for over a year that he would attempt to come to the CFL, but it only materialized recently.


NFL Comeback

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I believe that Manziel was waiting…waiting for an NFL team to call him. I don’t believe he wants to be in the CFL, but he might have no other choice. He will likely never play in the NFL again. With the huge number of Quarterbacks that are great or good, there is no reason to bring a problem child into your locker room. No matter how talented he may be, Johnny Football will never shake the brand of being a headache for NFL owners.


Johnny Manziel: Does His Talent Translate Well into the CFL?


But this isn’t an article about will Manziel get a second chance in the NFL again; it’s about how well he will do in the CFL. I personally believe that Johnny is made to play in the CFL, like many other analysts. His style of game is well suited for the wide field and extra receivers. He has great awareness for feeling the rush, and he steps out of the pocket when he feels uncomfortable. Combined, his athleticism and creativity at Texas A&M  allowed him to flourish in his Heisman year. These two traits will bode well in the CFL as well.

Learning the Game

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Everyone knows that he is incredibly talented. But many wonder if he can put his nose into the playbook and learn a new game. If he is serious about his tenure in the CFL and if he wants to play football, then I have no doubt that he will learn the plays. Canada will keep him out of trouble as well. He is out of the spotlight of being a starting NFL QB and into the role of backup in the CFL. Overall, I think that Johnny Football has grown up enough to play pro football. He will struggle early as most QBs do. Eventually, Johnny Manziel will start over current starting Quarterback, Jeremiah Masoli. Most likely, this will come sometime into week 3-4 if Masoli does poorly, or around week 10-12 if the Ti-Cats are winning games early in the season.

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