Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review


Jurassic World was not an amazing movie by any means, but it was a fun and exciting soft reboot for the Jurassic series, like how The Force Awakens got Star Wars back into popularity. The sequel, Fallen Kingdom, starts out well enough with a rescue mission tolike save the dinos before a volcano destroys Isla Nublar for good. After the opening act, however, with Owen, Claire, and some new characters making it back to America, the movie becomes a muddled bore with some really contrived writing.

The last movie was fun because it knew what it was; a silly popcorn movie blasted with nostalgia for Jurassic Park. This movie trys really hard to play it serious, and have pretentious messages about animal conservation, even when it makes no sense. Characters will do things that are either stupid, make them look like giant assholes, or both, just to service the plot. I understand what director J.A. Bayona and writer/producer Colin Trevorrow were going for. They wanted something different with a horror vibe, and setup for more sequels. It just does not work, and I am completely disinterested now in the sequel set for 2021.

Thats not to say there is nothing to like. The horror sequence towards the end is slightly entertaining, with great shot composition, and lighting. At that point however, I just didn’t care about what was happening. As I said, the first 30 minutes are what the whole movie should have been: Silly, and exciting. Chris Pratt is still good, as always. He just needs to be utilized in something more exciting and goofy. The material he is given, isn’t worth his talent. Bryce Dallas Howard is fine once again. Not much to say about her character. The two sidekick characters introduced are annoying, and have barely anything to contribute. They exist in the movie for diversity’s sake, which is cynical, and lazy. The villains are stock and bland, basically being the same characters from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Why would you want to remind people of that movie?

The biggest crime a movie can commit in my eyes, is to be boring. The middle act of this movie is such a drag. Scenes go on really long, with the editing telling you that what you’re watching is important, but there’s nothing to suggest that. The subplot with a child character connected to an old partner of John Hammond comes out of nowhere, and adds nothing to the story. It could have been cut with barely any consequence.

The visual effects are always great in these movies, and there is more use of practical effects this time, which is nice. The Indoraptor, which is the new dino introduced, is really cool, and the movie needed more of him. I haven’t mentioned Jeff Goldblum, because he is wasted. Its a glorified cameo, and you have seen all of his scenes in the trailer. Honestly, the decision made by one character at the end of the movie, was so dumb and contrived, that I docked a point on the score just for that.

Overall, I was highly disappointed. The movie isn’t terrible by any means, but a dull and messy one. Universal needs to step it up for the next film, or box office returns are going to diminish.

Rating: 4/10

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