LG OLED C8 2018 (A Short Review)


LG has been killing it on the TV front over the last couple of years with their OLEDs, 2018 is no different. The new Alpha 9 processor in the LG OLED C8 certainly brings with it improvements in a number of areas. Last year, all of LG’s OLEDs had the same panel and picture processing smarts – you selected your model based on speaker arrangement, aesthetic appeal and price.

2017’s LG C7

This year it’s much the same story – except there’s a more dedicated entry-level model, the B8, which does without the Alpha 9 processor and its supposed picture processing benefits. So, if you want the best picture LG offers, your entry-level point is the LG OLED C8. This TV comes in at the 55 and 65-inch sizes, along with the benefits of the Alpha 9 processor.


Of course the main reason anyone looks into the OLED market is the picture quality. A “one to infinite” contrast ratio allows the viewer to see some of the most beautiful colours on any television. The LG C8 has gorgeous, deep colours, making watching movies an absolute treat.


Based on the nature of OLED technologies, the refresh rates are supremely high. With a theoretical 3000Hz refresh rate, each movement while watching hockey, playing games, or anything else that is fast paced is virtually blur free. Its tough to find content that doesn’t look good on the LG OLED C8.


The C8 not only has a great picture but a smart appearance to match. It is a unique, interesting design, particularly in terms of the wide, ridged mouth beneath the screen. As well as looking rather cool, is designed to funnel sound from the downward-firing speakers out towards the listener.

Smart TV

Not a huge amount has changed for LG’s 2018 implementation of the webOS platform. The customisable tab system is pleasant, and the app selection is essentially unchanged, including Netflix and Amazon in 4K HDR, all of the catch-up services and on-demand movies from Google Play TV & Movies and Rakuten.


Final Thoughts

The OLED C8 is not a giant leap forward for LG’s OLEDs. Instead it has improved on last year’s models in a number of (individually small but collectively significant) ways. The upshot is an image that’s brighter, punchier and more detailed, while maintaining the black depth and naturalism we love. However, the price of OLEDs are not down just yet, but they are getting there and the C8 is unlikely to stay at $3000 for long so we will see if our list of the Top 10 TVs of 2018 changes at all in the not so distant future.

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