LG UK6500 Review (The Silver Surfer)

Hey Dudes! Today, I will be reviewing the 2018 LG UK6500

LG UK6500

Available in the 43”,50”,55” and 65” sizes, the LG UK6500 is one of the best entry level 4K televisions of 2018. While very similar in price to the previously reviewed Samsung NU7100, LG offers a few different features that they are known for into this TV.


Build Quality

In terms of design, the UK6500 is nearly identical to last years UJ6500.


For the stand on the UK6500, it looks and feels very sturdy. However, it still features the trending 2-leg style rather than a central pedestal. I hate that TV manufacturers are going this way, because it makes cable management and finding the right sized stand, a real pain. As for the frame, I like the silver border; it feels and looks high quality. At the same time, the silver border is kind of distracting while watching at night. I also would like to mention that the LG UK6500 looks absolutely gorgeous if it is mounted.

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Ahh, the all-important picture quality. This television is, once again, very similar to last years UJ6500. It features a 4K IPS panel, giving fantastic viewing angles, but hampering the black levels. Something I say about IPS panels is that they are the ultimate family TV. It gives great viewing angles for all members of the family, IPS panels are more durable than other panel technologies; and they are adaptable enough to be good but not great at any kind of content. Additionally, with active HDR technology it is able to reproduce 10-bit colour (over 1 billion colours) by using an 8-bit panel with FRC. While it can produce the 10-bit colours that HDR needs, it is easy to see banding.




The motion on the LG UK6500, much like every year is pretty great. While it technically is a 60Hz TV with 120Hz Tru-motion, it handles fast moving sports very well. I saw minimal blur while watching the Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals in game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals, even with so much action going on at one time.


Smart TV


WebOS 3.5 is exactly the same as last year and is still very responsive in comparison to Sony’s Android OS. While the features of the Android OS are amazing, WebOS 3.5 makes up for it with speed. There really isn’t a whole lot more to talk about with this guy. It does basic functions such as Netflix, Youtube and Prime Video, and does them really well.


Final thoughts

Overall, the LG UK6500 is a fantastic buy for the money. It is essentially the same TV as last year’s UJ6500 but has a lower MSRP than 2017’s version. For gamers and sports watchers, it has low input lag and is quite smooth for motion. On the other hand, for the movie watchers reading this, I would skip this one and move up the price line for something better.



Overall: 6/10

Value: 8/10



43 inch @ 749.99 MSRP

50 inch @ 899.99 MSRP

55 inch @ 1099.99 MSRP

65 inch @ 1799.99 MSRP

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