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It’s Wednesday my dudes. Today we will be looking at some decor that you NEED to get, to make your mancave the ultimate bro-down location.




Lighting can make all the difference when building a mancave, or for any type of room for that matter.

The lighting in a home changes the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room. Placement and type are important aspects of choosing lights and they work in conjunction with color selections, room size, availability of natural light and furniture selection. The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style.   – Via: SFGATE

Notice in the pictures above that each set of lights does not fully illuminate the room but instead looks to add atmosphere and mood to the area. My suggestion when choosing light is to always go with warm lighting to keep a sports bar-like or theatre-like atmosphere.


A Sports Score Ticker

Are you a sports enthusiast always looking for the latest sports scores? Are you looking to make your man cave the envy of your friends and neighbors with that unique feature no one else has? A mancave sports ticker will help you create the ultimate sports watching atmosphere. To really bring the essence of your local sports bar you must have a sports score ticker.


Movie Posters

Rosebud….Rosebud. Movie posters give a mancave or a theatre room that cool feeling of being in a multi million dollar theatre while not having to get your ass off your couch. Classic posters like this Citizen Kane poster are a really solid decor addition to your place of relaxation. I prefer classic posters like this because if you want the room to look classy enough for your wife to fall in love with it, then putting a picture of Orson Welles is sure to please. Also, if you want to do something cool for your movie nights, then a screen like the one above that says NOW PLAYING, would be a cool touch.


Sports Jerseys

The old faithful in mancave decor. This is the most expensive option by far for decorating your cave.


Other Sports Memorabilia

Of course you could always buy a signed jersey from your favourite players or teams website. However, if you are looking at saving some dough, then look into buying other types of memorabilia like helmets, gloves, pictures, etc. Now, I know you would love to have a signed McDavid jersey if you’re an Oilers fan like myself, but I looked on the NHLs official shop and found 3 hand-signed Taylor Hall pictures for less than 20 bucks each only a couple months after he was traded. You can still save money and find autographed photos if you know where to look.


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