Oscars 2018 Predictions

Every year, the entertainment industry gets ready for awards season. The Oscars (Academy Awards) are the big ceremony for the world of film, and this year’s categories are some of the most interesting in recent memory.

What I am going to attempt to do, is break down the major categories (I won’t be covering some of the technical ones such as sound mixing/editing as it would take too long), and say who I think should win, and who most likely will win.


Will win: Blade Runner 2049

Should win: Blade Runner 2049

Roger Deakins is possibly the industry’s most prolific and talented director of photography, and has been nominated for this award 14 times. The crazy thing is, he has never won. 2018 is his year, with Blade Runner 2049 being the most gorgeous film to look at last year, and the Academy will most likely give this to him as a deserved “lifetime achievement” of sorts.


Will win: War for the Planet of the Apes

Should win: Apes

The rebooted Planet of the Apes trilogy has been one of the most successful new franchises, both critically and commercially. While many fans would want the film to get some acting nominations and such, the effects by Weta Digital and motion capture master, Andy Serkis, are photo-real. This is a tough category, but Apes takes this easily.


Will win: “This Is Me”- The Greatest Showman

Should win: The Greatest Showman

The only competition that “Showman” really has here is “Remember Me” from Coco. However, the production quality, and message of “This Is Me” wins over both audiences and voters.


Will win: Hans Zimmer- Dunkirk

Should win: John Williams- Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This is so tough for me. I loved Zimmer’s pulse pounding score for Dunkirk, but Williams brought together every great theme from Star Wars history along with new themes to create another masterpiece. Still, the Academy will most likely vote for Zimmer, and I would still understand.


Will Win: Jordan Peele- Get Out

Should win: Guillermo Del Toro, Vanessa Taylor- The Shape of Water

Jordan Peele made a huge blast onto the writing and directing scene with Get Out. It’s racially charged themes and horror setting made for a film that is still the highest rated film of last year. I personally think that Guillermo Del Toro wrote such a great script that touched me more, and got my interest as a fan of old school horror and fantasy fare. Get Out, however, is surely the winner here.


Will win: Aaron Sorkin- Molly’s Game

Should win: Scott Frank, James Mangold, and Michael Green- Logan

Logan was my favorite film of last year. It should have gotten nods in every major category, but this is its sole recognition. Obviously, I would prefer that to win, but Aaron Sorkin is one of the top talents when it comes to writing, and Molly’s Game was his directorial debut. Molly’s Game takes this one.


Will win: Coco

Should win: Coco

Coco wins. I don’t even have to explain why. None of the other films stand a chance. Also, the fact that Boss Baby is in here, but not Lego Batman, means that someone needs their head checked.


Will win: Greta Gerwig- Lady Bird

Should win: Christopher Nolan- Dunkirk

Greta Gerwig made her directorial debut with Lady Bird, and was snubbed out of the Golden Globes, with many calling the move “sexist” and “out of touch”. Also, the film was one of the highest rated of last year, which is impressive for a first timer like Gerwig. She will probably win, with only Guillermo Del Toro or Jordan Peele being the real threats to her. However, Christopher Nolan has been due for the award for over 10 years now. With Dunkirk, he crafted the quintessential war film for that particular battle. The old school techniques and skill employed make him the one I believe should win.


Will win: Allison Janney- I,Tonya

Should win: Allison Janney

I actually have not seen I,Tonya yet (I plan on doing so very soon), but I have been very impressed from the clips and trailers I have seen with Janney’s work. She has been racking up every award for this category, so I think this is a safe bet.


Will win: Sam Rockwell- Three Billboards

Should win: Sam Rockwell

Again, I have not seen Three Billboards yet (please don’t kill me), but Sam Rockwell is always fantastic in most everything. Like Janney, he has been racking up the awards for this one. Another safe choice


Will win: Frances McDormand- Three Billboards

Should win: Sally Hawkins- The Shape of Water

Frances McDormand is the clear favorite here, with her role demanding a lot, and the film itself dealing with relevant themes of today, so she will win this one. Hawkins however, was fantastic. She spends most of the movie not saying anything, but acting with her expressions. She would have made for a great actress in the silent era, and I can see why Del Toro chose her for the role. 


Will win: Gary Oldman- Darkest Hour

Should win: Any of them

I wrote my “should win” section the way I did, because I actually haven’t seen any of the films these men were in, except for Get Out (awards season sucks in Edmonton, AB for ways to see these movies). Gary Oldman takes this though, because historical figures, and heavy makeup have always been a recipe for Oscar gold.


Will win: Get Out

Should win: Dunkirk

I seriously think that this year we get an upset win. Shape of Water and Three Billboards have been the favorites going in, but with the combo of racial commentary, social climate, and the general cultural phenomenon that Get Out has become, I think this wins it. Dunkirk should win, simply because it was the most enjoyable of these films to watch. The craftsmanship and pure film making on display are not matched by any of the other films here. I don’t expect a win for it, however.

Well there we have it. I have to say, I’m not very invested this year. The only film here nominated for Best Picture that was in my top 10 was Dunkirk. No Logan, no Blade Runner 2049, no Wonder Woman. Still, I can’t wait to see if my predictions are right. Comment below what you think of my picks.

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