5 Way Too Early Predictions for the 2018 MLB Playoffs

Hey Dudes! The MLB Playoffs are the most exciting time for a baseball fan. Each and every pitch, hit, catch or walk means something. In todays article we are making some way too early predictions on the 2018 MLB playoffs.


1 ) Atlanta Falls in the Wildcard Game

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The Braves look fantastic this year. Freddie Freeman might be the NL MVP with his ridiculous batting average and on base percentage. They are having a great run through the first half of the year, but injuries to key players late in the season will be the downfall of the Braves. The MLB Playoffs are a different animal entirely and the Braves will look to be swallowed whole.

2 ) Milwaukee chokes in the NLDS

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Its my belief that the Brewers win their division and finish with the best record in the NL. They end up completely healthy for the playoff run, but the pitching becomes just too inconsistent and they fall to an inferior team.

3 ) The Chicago Cubs win the NLCS

Image Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

The MLB playoffs are a grind and the Cubs know how to grind with the best of them. Cubbies fans rejoice! You’re back to the big show, two years after your 2016 World series win. But who will you face? More than likely, one of the powerhouse teams in the AL East, the Yankees or the Red Sox. Either way, it is going to be your toughest opponent yet.

4 ) Houston Astros go to 7 games with the Yankees in the ALCS

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The Astros, coming off the high of their 2017 World Series win, bring it to the 7th game against the club with the most money, power and history in the majors. It’s David vs Goliath in the ALCS, except Goliath will knock the Astros back in a tense game 7 that fans will talk about for decades. While the Astros may no longer be a bottom feeder franchise, its tough to say whether they can repeat the magic of 2017.

5 ) The Yankees win their 28th World Series title, and dominate the MLB Playoffs

Image courtesy of Newsday

Yeah you had to know who I was going to say would win. It’s really not fair that the Yankees once again are the best team in baseball. They are young, they are experienced and they are hungry.

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