A Review of the Sony Bravia 850F and Sony Bravia 900F


Hey Dudes! Today we will be reviewing both the Sony 850F and the Sony 900F.

A Television. No longer big, dark pieces of furniture that dominate a room, now TVs are almost all screen with no frame or bezel, and they’re meant to look sharp and integrate a variety of programming into your home and your life.

Sony’s updated Bravia lineup takes this sentiment to heart. Sony’s 900F offers stunning 4K resolution plus HDR colour and sharp contrast. Similarly, the Sony 850F offers many of the same features of its older brother, however, is priced to include more consumers.


Sony’s 900F has five sizes (49”, 55”, 65” ,75”, and 85”) to choose from. No matter which size you choose, you’ll get top-tier technology: the X1 Extreme Processor, X-Tended Dynamic Range PRO 6X, X-Motion Clarity and much more.  The Sony 900F 4K HDR TV displays awe-inspiring 4K HDR. This is accomplished with its full-array LED backlighting.

For Gamers: The 900F has an input lag of 25ms @4k 60Hz and 40ms @1080p 60hz.

For Movie Watchers: The 900F has some bleeding on edges.

The 900F is a large upgrade over last years 900E and is actually closer in specs to the 930E.

Sony 850F comes in 65”, 75” and 85” sizes. While it does not feature the backlit full-array control and brightness of it's more refined sibling, the 900F. It does, however, use Sony's proprietary Triluminos technology to give itself some of the most natural looking colours in 2018.


For Gamers: The 850F has an input lag of 34ms @4k 60Hz and 31ms @1080p 60hz.

For Movie Watchers: The 850F has some slight blooming in dark scenes and light bleeding


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Combined with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR video content delivers exceptional colour, leading to a premium movie and gaming experience. The result is the most lifelike picture TVs have ever been able to create, with brilliant highlights, true and natural gradation, and superfine detail. With Sony’s full-array local dimming technology, found in the Sony 900F, you get enhanced contrast and incredible brightness in a slim design. This technology more accurately balances light output across the screen giving better control over colour and black levels on-screen




If you don’t have access to as much HDR content as you’d like, you can count on your Sony Bravia TV to help you. Sony’s revamped X1 and X1 Extreme processors take even non-HDR content to near 4K HDR quality. Sony’s Object-based HDR Remaster technology can detect, analyze and optimize each object in the picture individually then adjust the overall contrast for a more natural and realistic picture on the screen. Image processing is the name of the game in 2018.

I still firmly believe that both the 850F and 900F are the best Televisions for colour reproduction on the market. Both don't do fantastic in terms of blooming, but it is still great.

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From movies and TV shows to thousands of apps you can enjoy a huge range of apps from Google Play™, including YouTube™, Netflix, and Amazon Video. Or even something a little more on the not-so-legal-but-legal side of things: Kodi media centre.

The Android OS is extremely intuitive, however, it is also extremely slow; this is where many still complain about the television. If you read user reviews, there are numerous 1-2 star reviews based on how slow it is. This is where I will interject. The system is slow, yes, but as a total home media system it completely dominates the competition.


Final Thoughts:

To be completely honest, not a ton has changed on the Sony 850F and is almost identical to its predecessor: the 850E. However, the Sony 900F offers a major upgrade over the 900E, in that it offers the video processing of the 930E and the price of the 900E. When this showed up at my local Best Buy, I knew it was the TV I needed to have. However, at full MSRP, I will wait until the 65 inch hits the 2500 dollar threshold sometime in June.

Additionally, this "upgrade" for both televisions was somewhat disappointing in that the Android operating system is the same that was used in the 900e. This lack of an upgrade is not a problem with functionality but with speed.



Sony 850F

65 inch @ 2599.99 MSRP

75 inch @ 4299.99 MSRP

85 inch @ 7799.99 MSRP


Sony 900F

49 inch @ 1799.99 MSRP

55 inch @ 2299.99 MSRP

65 inch @ 3299.99 MSRP

75 inch @ 5199.99 MSRP


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