Samsung NU7100 Review

Samsung NU7100 Review

Everyone and their mother has an LED TV nowadays. With televisions being sold at some of the lowest prices we have seen in years it’s no wonder that most people are looking for a new 4k. While televisions are lower priced than in previous decades, there are some that will not or cannot fork over $3000 dollars for a QLED or OLED. Thankfully there are many TVs that fill the niche of the low-priced-good-quality consumer. The Samsung NU7100 is one of these.

First Thoughts

The Samsung NU7100 comes in the sizes of 75, 65, 55, 50, 43 and 40 inches. The great thing about this is that consumers can pick one up at basically any size need. They are great as a budget man cave TV, a gaming TV, a bedroom television or a regular family TV. Personally, I do not recommend this TV for a home theatre setting, but we’ll get into that later.



The NU7100 features an edge-lit display that is 2.3 inches thick, making it nice for mounting. However, If you can’t mount it, I give it a slight thumbs down for the legs. I feel that they look cheap and that is probably because they are cheap. I also have never been a person who likes the double leg style; mostly due to cable management. Samsung did try to combat this problem with a cable management “solution”, hiding the cables in the one leg. But it still only can hide the power cord.

Not the 7100 in this picture but it has the same cable solution.

Overall Picture

Aside from the aesthetics, the picture on this TV is not bad considering the price point. The NU7100 is very similar to last years MU6500, but not as bright. Rated at 300 nits, this TV is quite dim and should be used in lower light situations. This lack of brightness cannot allow it to overcome the glare from windows.


The motion on this television is quite bad actually; with small, fast-moving objects such as hands or a hockey puck, the television cannot quite keep up. If you are a sports watcher then this TV is definitely not for you, as there are other televisions that can do more for the same price.

HDR Quality

Like I mentioned before, this TV is also not for the home theatre area. This is mostly due to the edge-lighting and lack of local dimming causing this TV to have trouble in dark scenes. Additionally, the NU7100 does not feature a 10-bit panel like the higher end QLEDs. That being said the HDR for movies is not all that great due to the lack of this feature.

Final Thoughts

However, it is not all bad. The NU7100 is stellar as a gaming TV and is easily one of the best buys for those that are ballin’ on a budget. That might be the biggest thing about this TV; it comes in six sizes, allowing a customer to find one that suits their space, at a price that suits them. The TV comes with the same Tizen features as higher-end Samsung TVs, minus Bixby. Finally, as a last piece of advice, I am an advocate for quality over quantity, as a general rule, but the NU7100 is an overall decent television. Especially, for the price.


Rating: 6.5/10

Value: 9/10


40 inch @ $699.99 MSRP (CAD)

43 inch @ $799.99 MSRP (CAD)

50 inch @ $899.99 MSRP (CAD)

55 inch @ $1099.99 MSRP (CAD)

65 inch @ $1699.99 MSRP (CAD)

75 inch @ $2999.99 MSRP (CAD)


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