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Samsung Q70R QLED Review 2019

Samsung Q70R QLED TV Review

Hey Dudes! In todays review I will be writing about a great entry into this year’s QLED lineup, the Samsung Q70R.

Build quality

 Samsung Q70R Build Quality

2019’s third best QLED comes in 5 sizes: 49”, 55″, 65″, 75” and 82″. The design of the Samsung Q70R QLED is a definite change from the previous years Q7FN. The previous year was a slim, sleek and artful piece; looking more like a picture frame than a TV. This years Q70R is quite different as it features full array backlighting with local dimming. Full array technology means that it will be about 1.5x thicker than the Q7F however, this will be a big plus on the picture quality front (more on that later). Borders of the Samsung Q70R are black which helps with contrasting against the wall and makes it better for viewing in the dark. It must be said that the borders on this model seem to be a bit cheaper in terms of quality and are a bit plastic looking. Finally, a huge change is the removal of Samsung’s proprietary One Connect box. The One Connect box was loved by some and hated by most. While it made wire management a breeze, the slim cable was often broken which led to consumers spending an extra $400 Canadian to buy a new one. In my opinion, I’m glad it is gone.


Picture Quality

 Q70R wall

My first impressions of the Samsung Q70R were underwhelming to say the least. That is until I watched Interstellar on 4K Blu-ray. This movie was absolutely beautiful on this screen. Gorgeous HDR highlights shined to a maximum, and it was easy to catch details even in darker scenes. Lets break down why that is. As I stated earlier, the Q70R moved away from the edge lit design of the Q7FN, towards a full array configuration. This means that a television no longer has to brighten up the screen by pushing the light through darker areas like it does on an edge-lit television.

 Samsung Q70R Contrast

The screen can produce much better contrast in this way. Now the Full-Array configuration in the Q70R is not as high end as their Q90R, but it could likely compete on the level of last years Samsung Q8FN or Sony’s 900F. Its really tough to say because I loved the picture on both of those televisions. Overall, a fantastic experience watching movies on the Q70R.



The motion on the Q70R is quite good. When watching this years NHL playoffs, the puck was easy to follow with no viewable trailing. This TV also includes AMD Freesync technology meaning that input lag is minimal, making it great for gaming.

 white BG

Smart TV

For 2019, Samsung has introduced Apple Airplay 2 to its OS; Samsung has exclusive rights to Airplay for the next three months. LG, Sony and Vizio will all get this feature when the time comes. Additionally, this year’s lineup will be Google assistant and Alexa compatible, which will allow users to change channels, adjust the volume, control playback and more.

 Side View Smart

Final Thoughts

If you relate this television to last years Q7FN then the price point is just about dead on with last year. However, I would say that this television is closer to the Samsung Q8FN from last year, which if you look at the starting price points of that Q8FN, then this TV is quite the bargain being about 25-35% lower than that model.


Samsung Q70R Overall Rating: 8/10

Samsung Q70R Price to Value Rating: 8/10


Prices (in CAD)

49 inch Q70R @ $1699.99 MSRP

55 inch Q70R @ $1899.99 MSRP

65 inch Q70R @ $2999.99 MSRP

75 inch Q70R @ $4999.99 MSRP

82 inch Q70R @ $6299.99 MSRP


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