Samsung Q8FN Review (2018 QLED)

Hey Dudes, this is our new review of the 2018 Samsung Q8FN QLED TV. This review will be shorter than the Q9FN review because most of the features have been looked over in that review. Click Here for the 2018 Q9FN Review

Samsung Q8FN Review

Build Quality

2018’s second best QLED comes in 4 sizes: 55″, 65″, 75″ and 82″. With only larger sizes available, the Q8 makes a great TV for your mancave. The leg-style stand is quite similar to the stands in 2017’s lineup. I will continue to say it, I hate this design and I hope it never comes back. Aside from the stand, the frame (bezel) of the TV looks and feels sturdy and sleek. Unfortunately for some fans, the Q8FN does not feature the one connect box and is nearly identical to the 2018 NU8000. I’m not in love with the design, and much prefer the Q9’s design.



Picture quality is top notch on the Q8. Contrast is great and the colours all look uniform. Black levels and brightness are above average thanks to a direct full-array backlight. It is really a stellar set of improvements that they made to the 2018 Q8 over the 2017 version.


Movies, Sports and Video Games are all looking magnificent when it comes to motion. Overall, it is nearly the exact same in terms of motion and response time.


Smart TV

Bixby is the addition that we did not really cover in our Q9FN review. Bixby makes smart things simple, which is why they have an app called “SmartThings”. Clever, I know. SmartThings can actually run certain compatible thermostats, lights, plugs and security systems. As for Bixby, it is Samsung’s very own assistant that allows you to search topics such as: “what is the weather in Vancouver like?” (Answer: raining, most likely).

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Final thoughts

Samsung and its second best entry into the QLED lineup is a stellar addition to anyones home. If you are looking for a high end mancave, movie room or main television, I would highly recommend that you take this TV into consideration. Finally, while it is missing some features that are in the Q9, at its price point it is a worthy television for any type of viewing.


Q8FN Overall Rating: 8/10

Q8FN Value Rating: 8/10


55 inch Q8FN @ $3199.99 MSRP

65 inch Q8FN @ $4199.99 MSRP

75 inch Q8FN @ $6499.99 MSRP

82 inchQ8FN @ $7999.99 MSRP

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