Samsung Q9FN Review (2018 QLED)

Hey Dudes! Today we will be looking at the top of the 2018 Samsung QLED lineup, the Q9FN.

Samsung Q9FN Review


More than ever, TVs are becoming the centre of our homes. They’re not just places to watch television broadcasts, they’re entertainment hubs for gaming, music streaming, movie night and binge watching. TVs are also integrating aesthetically into our homes so they look good too. The Samsung Q9FN TV has virtually no bezel and no distractions—nothing to take you away from what you’re watching.

Build Quality


Build quality is something that Samsung never cheaps out on. The Q9’s stand is designed differently to all other Samsung TVs this year with a centralized pedestal. It is made out of aluminum, making it look and feel sturdy. The Q9FN also has the new one connect box that holds the power supply and the media interface (4 HDMI, 3 USB 3.0, optical). The bezel is thin and is less than a quarter inch thick. The TV overall is solidly built thanks to its full array lighting improvements that make it over 2 inches thick. This TV looks wonderful on a stand or tucked neatly on a wall.


Picture Quality

To watch any TV in the 2018 Samsung QLED lineup is pure bliss. With razor-sharp 4K resolution and over a billion shades of colour, the Samsung QLED technology provides the finest picture performance yet. Powered by what Samsung calls the “Q Engine”, the QLED TV provides an amazing picture-perfect viewing experience, achieved by orchestrating every element of the image including colour mastering, contrast mastering and HDR mastering. The Samsung Q9FN have finally begun to use Direct Full Array technology to get the best colour and brightness possible. The QLEDs have kept true to their word with 100% colour volume once again.

QLED TVs enable you to see each tiny detail throughout the day. The unique Direct Full Array LED technology on the Q8F QLED TV delivers an incredible picture and impeccable contrast across a wide variety of lighting environments—night or day. The Ultra Black Elite feature on the Samsung QLED 2018 TV uses a special anti-reflection film on the display and the TV panel itself that minimizes light reflection on screen and enhances contrast levels so you can experience a bold contrast no matter how bright your room.


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The 2018 Samsung QLED TVs generate a more true to life picture by using Quantum dot technology. Samsung engineers have created a picture that takes light, and turns it into a billion shades of incredible colour, resulting in the most innovative TV system yet .

Samsung colour looks fantastic again especially on HDR movies. It all looks beautiful, in fact I have almost no complaints about the HDR on the Q9FN.

The Samsung Direct Full Array delivers intense contrast through precise backlight zoning control on the QLED TV. More impressively, the Q9F QLED TV has what Samsung calls, “Dynamic Tone Mapping,” which monitors optimized colour and contrast levels in each scene through attached dynamic metadata, so that each nuance is highlighted.




This year motion looks impeccable, similarly to 2017’s version. Hockey, football, soccer; all look virtually blur free. With a 120Hz panel and a 240 CMR, it all looks damn near perfect. However, I prefer to turn CMR off in the settings. Additionally, for all the gamers out there, the Q9 has implemented a new VRR or Variable Refresh Rate that adapts to your gaming experience to create a seamless experience


Final Thoughts:

The Samsung 2018 Q9FN QLED is a fantastic television experience. While throughout much of the 2018 television market there are no significant breakthroughs in new technology; these two entries are absolutely an upgrade over their predecessors. By finally adding full-array direct LED lighting to the Q9FN, they have finally given the consumer market the best technology that Samsung can offer. They are both gorgeous in their design and in their picture. Overall, if you can take on the hefty price tag then it is a no-brainer to buy the Q9FN; however, if you cannot stomach the price then move to the Q8FN.


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Q9FN Overall Rating: 9/10

Q9FN Value Rating: 7/10



Q9FN 65 inch @ $5499.99 MSRP

Q9FN 75 inch @ $7999.99 MSRP

Q9FN 88 inch @ $19999.99 MSRP




  • Clark Erdmann says:

    The q8 has around an 8000 to1 contrast ratio while the q9 has around a19000 to 1 ratio and anyway the Sony900f has a better processer and better motion and is just as good if not better than the q8 now the q9 brilliant but I don’t trust it to last 3 years

    • Smacker says:

      True the Q9 is a slightly better TV (Contrast ratio and brightness). However, I do not believe it is worth the value of the Q8. That is why I gave it a lower rating. For the average consumer, the Q8 is more than enough. As for the Sony 900F, you are of the same mind as me, it gives a stunning experience and in my humble opinion, the most natural looking colours.

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