The Predator Review

One ugly mofo

The Predator is the 4th in the series of sci fi/horror movies (6th if you count the AvP movies), and director Shane Black, who had a small role in the first movie, hopes to reinvent the series. Unfortunately, this movie is a complete mess, with some enjoyable moments.

The first big problem is studio meddling. Like many films recently, Fox decided it was a good idea to cut out key scenes, and reshoot the entire 3rd act after poor test screenings. Sometimes this can result in good changes (Rogue One for example), but here, the movie feels like scenes transition out of nowhere because something was cut.

The second big problem is the tonal inconsistency. One minute, we are in a straight up comedy, the next we are in a violent horror movie. The original movie did this too, buslt somehow it felt more balanced. It could be that the mostly underdeveloped characters here serve only to shout quips.

The humor and quips are definitely funny, and keep the movie entertaining at the very least. Keegan Michael-Key and Thomas Jane are the standouts, but they have little to do. Boyd Holbrook, who was in Logan, is the lead, and has nothing interesting to say or do.

The cinematography is by one of my favourites, Larry Fong (Watchmen, Kong Skull Island), so the movie looks very nice. The CGI effects are really hit and miss. The Predator spacecrafts look great, while the strange Predator dogs look like a 2003 effect. The action is very bloody in true Predator fashion, and will satisfy gore hounds.

Overall, I feel like Shane Black almost made a parody of Predator, like he parodied Iron Man back in 2013. This will not work for many, and the movie feels incomplete. Still, big fans of Predator will be entertained, even if they forget this movie a week later.

Rating: 6/10

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