Top 10 4K Televisions for Your Mancave (2017 Models)

Here we are looking at the best 4K Televisions for your mancave and the pros and cons of each.

10. 60/70 inch Sony KD690E

Sony’s KD690E offers impressive value for entry level 4K Televisions but lacks features.

– Low Price & Large Screen
– Great for Gaming (20 ms @ 4K Input Lag)
– Handles Motion Blur Quite Well
– Cheap Looking Design
– Lacks Android OS Found on Higher Sony Models
– Not Meant for Watching Movies


Price at time of writing:
60″ @ 999.99 CAD
70″ @ 1799.99 CAD

9. 55/65/75 inch Samsung MU6300

The Samsung MU6300 is an entry-level 4K that is great if you’re looking for a large gaming TV or are working within a budget. To get the most out of this Television, I would look to get a professional calibration done.

– Low Price & Huge Screen
– Good Contrast
– Nice Gaming TV with Low Input Lag (21 ms @ 4K)

– Has Troubles with Motion Blur
– Not Great for Watching Sports or Movies
– HDR is Sub-par


Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 899.99 CAD
65″ @ 1399.99 CAD
75″ @ 2799.99 CAD

8. 55/65 inch LG SJ8000

The LG SJ8000 is a solid mid-range television that has a sexy silver trim and supports all three types of HDR. It also has LG’s signature IPS panel giving great viewing angles all throughout your mancave.

– Low Motion Blur (120 Hz Panel)
– Gorgeous Design
– Solid All-Round Picture

– Poor Black Levels
– Low Contrast Ratio
– Kind of Weak for Watching Movies


Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 1399.99 CAD
65″ @ 1899.99 CAD

7. 65/75 inch Sony XBR850E

Sony’s 850E is a solid mid-range 4K that has all the smart features of a top of the line Sony Bravia with an above average picture.

– Low Motion Blur
– Good for Sports, Gaming, and Movies
– Android OS

– Clunky Remote
– Higher Input Lag (30 ms)
– Trouble With Seeing Details in Dark Scenes

*Note that the 55 inch Sony 800E is actually 60Hz not 120Hz*

Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 999.99 CAD
65″ @ 1899.99 CAD
75″ @ 3199.99 CAD

6. 55/65/75 inch Samsung MU8000

The MU8000 offers a 10-bit panel, Samsung’s proprietary one-connect box, and a sleek design that will impress all of whom enter your castle.

– Gorgeous thin design
– Black Levels
– Handles Motion Well

– Weak on Colour & Brightness Compared to QLED
– Not Great for Sports
– Reflections


Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 1399.99 CAD
65″ @ 1999.99 CAD
75″ @ 3599.99 CAD

5. 55/65/75 inch Samsung Q7F

Samsung in 2017 did a lot of work on the design and look of their TVs, however, the “New” QLEDs is practically the same technology as last years KS9000. Now, even though there is not much difference in this years model compared to last years model; the Q7F offers top notch brightness and can compete with some of the top TVs from Sony and LG.

– Bright and Beautiful
– Colour is Fantastic
– Speedy Tizen OS

– Price is High Compared to 900E
– Edge Lighting Causes Blooming


Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 2199.99 CAD
65″ @ 2899.99 CAD
75″ @ 5499.99 CAD

4. 55/65/75 inch Sony XBR900E

Android, X1 Extreme Processor, Motionflow 960, Direct LED. These are all features of the Sony Bravia XBR900E. With it’s full-array back lit LED panel it will give you better control over colour and brightness.

– Gorgeous Details When Watching Dark Movies
– Very Bright
– Motion Blur is minimal

– Limited Viewing Angles
– Leaves Something to be had for Sports


Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 1599.99 CAD
65″ @ 2299.99 CAD
75″ @ 3999.99 CAD

3. Sony 55/65 inch XBR930E or 75 inch XBR940E

For our third highest entry on the list comes a Television that enters into the space of “high-end” televisions. We reviewed the 55/65 inch 930E and the 75 inch 940E together because they look very similar picture-wise but actually use two types of technology for their back lighting systems. The 930E uses what Sony calls “Slim Backlight Drive+” and the 940E uses a direct LED backlight.

– 930E is slim and sexy
– Both have Top Notch Colour and Brightness
– Best In Class for LCD-LED

– 940E is Kind of Bloated looking
– Pricey


Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 2499.99 CAD
65″ @ 3499.99 CAD
75″ @ 5999.99 CAD

2. 55/65 inch LG C7 OLED

The top manufacturer of consumer OLED Television’s since 2012 has outdone themselves in 2017 with the C7 OLED. This TV is the best choice for those that don’t want to pay the kick in the balls price for the top entry on our list.

– Infinite to 1 Contrast Ratio Giving the Deepest Blacks
– Smooth Motion and Virtually No Blur
– Great for All Types of Viewing Content

– Not Good for Bright Rooms
– Nothing Larger Than 65 inch


Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 2299.99 CAD
65″ @ 3499.99 CAD

1. 55/65/77 inch Sony A1E

The best of the best for 2017 comes from Sony. Moreover, the A1E is an all-in-one masterpiece that will have your buds envying you. It comes with an “easel” stand that looks part television and part painting. The acoustic surface of the A1E brings movies to life with the best sound on all televisions listed this year. On top of this, it has Android OS to boot. Truly beautiful.

– Beautiful to Look at (Picture-Wise and Aesthetically)
– All-in-One System (Picture Quality, Sound Quality, Android OS)
– Handles All Viewing Content Incredibly Well

– Break the Bank Price Tag
– Screen is Angled Due to Design


Price at time of writing:
55″ @ 3299.99 CAD
65″ @ 4499.99 CAD
77″ @ 16999.99 CAD



Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a cheap big-screen Television for your mancave we recommend going with the Samsung MU6300 over Sony’s 690E. Additionally, for mid range Televisions we recommend going with Sony’s 900E over the Samsung Q7F QLED based on price and features. And finally, we recommend for the best TV of 2017 to go with Sony’s A1E. If you are looking to save some dough however, you should look at LG’s C7.
Consequently, try to buy quality over quantity (as in quantity of inches). If you’re looking to buy a 75 inch TV for under three grand, instead look at a 65 inch that runs about the same. You don’t get to buy a new Television all the time so get one that is top of the class and enjoy for years to come.

Disclaimer: We ( are in no way affiliated with any companies or their subsidiaries that have been mentioned in this post.

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