Which Soundbar Should You Buy? (Top 5 of 2017)

Here are the Top 5 soundbars for your mancave to entertain all your buds. We will be looking at which soundbar has the best value, quality of sound and style.


5.) Samsung M550 Soundbar

Anti-Distortion Technology and a 300 dollar cost make the M550 Soundbar a no-brainer.


  • Great Price
  • Dialogue is Clear
  • Metal Grill Looks/Feels Sturdy


  • Bass is Not Very Tight Sounding
  • Trouble with Pairing to Non Samsung TVs
  • Lacks Wifi


Price at time of writing:
299.99 CAD


4.) Sony HTNT-5 Soundbar

The NT5 as it’s affectionately known, boasts two 3 inch drivers, two tweeters and two front facing super tweeters to get clear dialogue and a superb music listening experience. Additionally, this soundbar definitely will not break the bank


  • Slim, Sexy Build
  • Dialogue is Clear
  • Numerous Features Including Casting, Bluetooth, Airplay, and 3 HDMIs


  • Lacks Deep Bass
  • Not Very Loud
  • Designed for Music Not Movies


Price at time of writing:
499.99 CAD


3.) Samsung K950 ATMOS 5.1.2

Samsung is not normally the first name you think of when you are talking speakers or audio. However, Samsung’s K950 ATMOS soundbar gives the added element of height and offers a full surround sound package for its 1499 price tag.


  • Virtual Dolby Atmos
  • Full 5.1 Kit
  • Balanced Audio


  • Expensive
  • Samsung Multiroom App Sucks


Price at time of writing:
1499.99 CAD


2.) Bose Soundtouch 300 Soundbar

The standard in audio for the last 40 years, Bose offers the Soundtouch 300 soundbar at a large price tag and delivers an audio experience that is worth every penny.


  • Can Get To Very High Volumes W/O Distortion
  • Voices Are Incredibly Clear
  • Gorgeous Glass-Top Finish


  • Bass Not as Tight for the Price
  • App is Not Easy to Use



Price at time of writing:

ST300 @ 899.99

ST300 + Acoustimass Sub @ 1799.99


1.) Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar and Sub are the premier setup for all mancaves. CNET has rated the Playbar as the #1 rated standalone soundbar for the last 5 years. if you are looking for clarity, simplicity, balance and minimal distortion at high volumes, then the Playbar is the ultimate auditory experience from any priced soundbar.


  • Deep & Tight Bass
  • Sonos App is Amazing
  • Full Sounding


  • Bulky In Comparison to Bose ST300
  • No iTunes or Bluetooth


Price at time of writing:

Playbar @ 899.99 CAD
Playbar + Sonos SUB @ 1799.99 CAD



Final Thoughts:

For a cheaper soundbar option compared to the ones on our list that is still nice quality, the Samsung M450 or Sony’s HTCT800 will get the job done. For a home theatre, the k950 offers a full kit for $1500 and gives you dolby atmos making it significantly cheaper than a sonos playbar or bose st300 (Neither Bose or Sonos have Atmos capabilities). In order to have the crème de la crème of soundbars, the Sonos Playbar and the Sonos Sub are totally unbeatable for quality.

Disclaimer: We (DudeDaily.ca) are in no way affiliated with any companies or their subsidiaries that have been mentioned in this post.

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