Toshiba 4K L711U18 Review (Bargain or Cheap Junk?)

Hey Dudes! Well, I have succumbed to the pressure. I will write a review on a TV that most people will only buy for the price. And to be honest that might be its only redeeming quality. The Best-Buy exclusive 2018 Toshiba 4K L711U18 comes in two sizes, 50 and 55 inches.

Toshiba 4K L711U18 Review


Okay, while the price may be the main factor in purchasing the Toshiba 711U, its not that bad looking. I’m actually okay with the look. The legs don’t look like garbage and suit the frame. However, the aforementioned frame is pretty bulky looking but still very light. Personally, I think the 711U looks better on a stand than on a wall, due to this bulkiness.
Picture-wise it is not very picture-esque. The black levels are pretty terrible, and colours looked washed out. This is not surprising due to how bright it can get and the cheap edge lighting that is used. Additionally, for HDR content, it only has an 8-bit panel, not allowing it to use the full capabilities of todays content.


Sports look okay because the motion is okay. The 711U is a 60Hz TV with no additional help from computer motion processing. On the other hand, this TV is actually really solid for gaming, boasting an input lag of only 5 ms, coming somewhat close to cheaper computer monitors. I am not huge fan of this TV for sports watchers, but it makes a lot of sense for a gamer to pick one of these up


Another cheap out feature is the fact that there is no internal operating system like Roku, Samsung’s Tizen, LG’s WebOS or Sony’s Android OS. Instead, it is Chromecast enabled, allowing you to watch Netflix, YouTube or other Google-cast enabled video players. This is one of the ways to keep costs down and hit the budget market for those that cannot afford to drop 1-2k on a Sony or Samsung.

Final Thoughts

I can’t give this TV a great rating, it’s not fair to other manufacturers out there that actually put in the time and effort to make a great product. This TV is a Best Buy exclusive meaning one will not find it anywhere else. This is because Toshiba actually does not manufacture TVs for Canada anymore; and is instead manufactured by a Chinese company that owns the name. Finally, if you are the kind of person that does not game, then please don’t buy this television.


Overall: 4/10
Value: 7/10



50 inch @ $899.99 MSRP
55 inch @ $649.99 MSRP

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