UFC 3 Review

Happy Friday Dudes! Today we will be doing a review on EA Sports UFC 3

So, to start, there have been three major upgrades to the franchise. The first is an improvement to gameplay. There will now be an additional 5000 animations added to the fighters repertoires. You can have a look down below to watch these animations in actions.


My initial thoughts on UFC 3’s gameplay were positive considering UFC 2 had some hilarious glitching with animations.

*Joe Rogan* “Cormier uses his unbeatable floating Thai clinch technique every time he enters the octagon”












Secondly, the biggest improvement to the game was the addition of G.O.A.T. career mode. Outside of fights, the player will make promotional choices to build hype, gain fans, earn more cash through big contracts and capture the world’s attention. Thank Conor McGregor for bringing big money and promotion to the UFC and MMA as a whole. But, not every decision will work in favour, but you’ll want to make the crucial ones that will help guide your career in the right direction.

Lastly, UFC’s presentation style has changed. Mike Goldberg is of course not currently with the UFC and therefore Jon Anik is the commentator for the game. This is where my biggest discrepancy would be with UFC 3. Anik’s lines are definitely well placed and well rehearsed, however, feel like they are too long-winded for a video game. You must consider that many fights in UFC 3 will be all-of-the-sudden KO’s and Jon Anik will not stop his lines if something special like that happens. There are plenty of times that Anik goes on a long tangent just to be talked over by Joe Rogan exclaiming “wow!” or “that was awesome”; the latter seems quite unrealistic. Maybe, that is just because I am a Mike Goldberg fan but Jon Anik doesn’t do it for me.

Final Thoughts

The new UFC release is definitely refined as a game in comparison to earlier releases, and the new career mode along with the tournament mode are fun additions, however, losing commentator Mike Goldberg to Bellator by the UFC was a big loss in my opinion. At the same time, the UFC games had nothing to do with that move and I will not blame them for that.

Grade: B

Be sure to check it out when EA Sports UFC 3 releases on February 2nd for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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